We have customized proactive canine deployment designed to meet the specific needs of a client.

We utilize nationally and internationally recognized canine instructors who teach our canines using the most current training methods. Our canines are trained humanely and with positive reinforcement methods, that take into account the health, welfare and happiness of our canine partners.

Highly Visible Physical Deterrence

Secured area is not a soft target. Explosive detection canines provide mobile real time detection capability.

Proactive Canine Deployment

Real Time Detection

Emergency Detection

Executive Protection

Explosive Detection

At USS - K9 Solutions we specialize in proactive canine deployments which integrate a high quality canine team within the community our clients desire to protect. We do this by selecting experienced current and former law enforcement canine handlers, and partnering them high quality canines. These canines have been thoroughly trained to detect all current and emerging threats.

We provide quality canine teams that deliver a superior level of detection, deterrence, and mitigation for current and emerging threats. Our services are tailored to the needs of every client.

USS K9 is actively involved in a collaborative effort to share information on canine training technique, deployment, and intelligence with federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Canines are thoroughly screened to ensure they are never disrupted by anything they may encounter during a deployment.

Carefully Screened & Tested