We believe in a single handler system. Each canine is paired with a handler and at the end of their shift they return home together. The personal bond between the canine and its human handler is both humane and effective. This relationship strengthens the handler's ability to read and interpret their dog's behavior. In addition our canine's are social and obedient!

At USS-K9 our mission is to provide quality canine teams that deliver a superior level of detection, deterrence, and mitigation for current and emerging threats. Our services are tailored to the needs of every client.

USS-K9 Solutions is actively involved in a collaborative effort to share information on canine training technique, deployment, and intelligence with federal and local law enforcement agencies. We truly believe that our effectiveness relies on the ability to learn new methods and constantly continue to update our canine program. 




A human being possess approximately 6 million olfactory senses in their noses. Canines possess up to 300 million olfactory senses in their noses. They connects to a large portion of the dogs brain that is devoted to analyzing odor. Through proper conditioning and training we are able to harness and capitalize on this highly effective resource. They have the ability to filter through all other odors to find the one they are searching for.

We utilize nationally and internationally recognized canine instructors who teach our canines using the most current training methods. Our canines are trained humanely and with positive reinforcement methods. We take into account the health, welfare and quality of life of our canine partners.  

Our canines are trained to locate the odor at the source and passively indicate. The delivery system of the odor should have no bearing on the indication. Our canines are taught that odor may come from different sources. Packages, luggage, areas, vehicles, open areas, and human beings are all examples of how the odor can be carried and distributed.  

USS-K9 teams are frequently In-Service trained to track their performance level. Canines are tested on odor recognition during these sessions that are overseen by professional canine trainers to ensure proficiency. We will never utilize  food as a reward system. Our canines are rewarded through play with a ball or a toy. This method is utilized to make certain our canines are never distracted by the smell of food during a search.



Canine selection is of utmost importance in providing outstanding detection.  Each canine is environmentally screened to ensure they are never disrupted by situations they may encounter during deployment. They will always be able to deploy and detect in an active environment. 

Canines are carefully selected in Europe and imported by a top police canine vendor in the United States. Initially tested against the highest law enforcement canine standards, they are again tested using our strict company guidelines to  meet our unique performance standard . All canines chosen must exhibit a strong prey drive. Our law enforcement certified trainers enhance the canine's natural ability to hunt prey by by connecting it with the imprinted explosive odor and positively reinforcing it.


We specialize in proactive canine deployments which integrate a high quality canine team within the community our clients desire to protect. We do this by selecting experienced current and former law enforcement canine handlers, and partnering them high quality canines. These canines have been thoroughly trained to detect all current and emerging threats. The canine team is then further trained to operate in difficult environments and in crowded areas ensuring that it can safely service any working environment and transition seamlessly into the client's community.